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It can be a scary step buying a new home, but is is also very exciting and fulfilling. Owning that new home introduces buyers to the daunting mortgage process, but in order to protect their loved ones for years to come, they need to understand the physical as well as the financial aspects of their new home. Here are some tips we can offer new homeowners so they are prepared for the unexpected issues that may come in the future.

  1. Get a roof inspection. Every home needs an inspection before it is sold, but most of the time a house inspector does not climb up on the roof. We advise potential new homeowners to hire a roofing professional to do the  roof inspection, it can save you thousand of dollars in the long run.
  2. Get a guarantee. We advise you to get a guarantee/warranty for the work any roofing contractor does on your home. Only Hire someone with a valid license number, so you know your working with a reputable contractor. Heres a helpful blog post from GAF 10 Tips to Help Homeowners Choose the Right Roofing Contractor .
  3. New homeowners especially are not aware of the many choices they have in roofing materials, we would advise you to work with a roofing contractor with many options available when it comes to materials and styles of roofing. If energy efficiency is important new homeowners they can save money on their heat or air conditioning bills if they hire the right contractor, one who has experience installing energy efficient roofing systems. I
  4. We always advise our customers on the importance of roof maintenance, that addressing minor issues ahead of time can potentially avoid large, expensive repairs.
  5. As new Homeowners you should be aware of areas that are more likely to leak, such as skylights, flashing, and gutters. Learn how to maintenance these areas or hire a professional to handle the upkeep.

A new homeowner who’s informed about their roof can better prepare and identify problems, this helps ensure the safety of your family and allows you to enjoy your new home without major worries