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Seamless Rain Gutters 

Shadow Roofing also offers full service rain gutter installation in Ventura-Santa Barbara Counties CA. We carry a wide range of the highest quality materials to suit a variety of budgets. We also offer replacement, repairs and tune-ups of existing rain gutters throughout Ventura County for Residential, Commercial and Industrial clients. Call us today for your Free Estimate (805) 901-6060

Copper Rain Gutters

We offer a wide selection of copper gutter systems. We have a large selection of Ogee-Style, Half Round, and custom profiles available for the selective contractor, builder or homeowner. Copper offers a very distinctive appearance, Copper gutters can last over 100 years if they are properly maintained.

Copper gutters can add value to a home, so they can be an attractive investment. During installation all the joints swill be soldered, which reduces the likelihood of these joints leaking within their life span.

Aluminum Rain Gutters

Most residential and commercial rain gutters are aluminum with baked on enamel finish. Aluminum is an ideal metal choice for the majority of residential gutters because it has a longer shelf life than the traditional steel, Aluminum will not rust. The main advantage of this gutter system is that we can use very long single pieces before we have to attach the next piece, so there are less seams. This means that there are no cracks that could leave room for clogging and excessive moisture. Aluminum is also great in almost any kind of weather.

Galvanized Rain Gutters

Our Galvanized steel gutters are Manufactured from the highest quality materials, Galvanized steel is one of the least expensive materials that you can buy. If you are working with a budget, then galvanized steel won’t break the bank. While galvanized steel is challenging to install when compared to aluminum or vinyl, it’s not as challenging as installing copper. It’s an easier installation than copper because it’s easier to cut, lift and secure.

Galvanized gutters will dull a little over the years but they will mostly retain their color from beginning to end, unless they rust. Hot-dip galvanized steel has been effectively used for more than 150 years.

Bonderized Rain Gutters

Bonderized is a term used to describe a phosphate coating over 26 gauge galvanized steel that makes it easy to paint. it’s stronger than Aluminum or Copper & less likely to dent. Bonderizing is a process done to steel to achieve a weathered dull gray look.

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